TGS Consulta


Global insecurity from terrorism, insurgency and civil unrest has accelerated the need for the best perimeter fencing to stakeholders in critical installations, ports, porous borders and even our private residence. TGS consultants will provide clients with the best, most reliable, safe and innovative perimeter fencing solutions that are intelligent driven, tailored to the environment and structure and capable of differentiating real targets from nuisance environmental disturbances.

Where most solutions have failed, TGS proposed perimeter solutions have been tested to the highest standards of security and will survive the adverse African terrain. Our range of options will include, but is not limited to High Security Perimeter Barriers suited to strategic sites, Marine Perimeter Barriers against boat intrusion, and Rapid Deployment Barriers used in crowd /riot control.

TGS provides a project scope that includes:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Solutions Proposal
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Project Management​​
  • Maintenance

TGS team is extremely conversant with the latest technology and standards relating to perimeter security fencing solutions and we continue to upgrade to innovative solutions. Our consultants will also carry out incident reports and investigations, potential attack methodologies and a detailed background and due diligence check on potential clients be it private, commercial, industrial or government institutions.