TGS Consulta



TGS security and intelligence consultants acknowledge the need for counter terrorism support to both governments and private companies worldwide, more so between the West and African states, who are in the brink of collapse as a result of terrorist related activities.​ Our expert consultants will provide critical human resources to collaborate with host governments and particular departments of counter terrorism and intelligence that require our services. We are unique in our background, experience and academic foundation structured under the culture and region that our experts work.

In a world of global uncertainty, geo-politics and vulnerability TGS experts will maintain a rapid response network of experts capable of addressing issues in the area of counter terrorism, investigation, and intelligence gathering tailored specifically to the requirements of the host government and similar agencies whether in Europe or Africa. 

Our strength remains in our multi-national and multi-lingual skill set, making us a high demand worldwide. Our professionalism is peaked at every top level in the execution and effectiveness of every mission we engage in.

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