TGS Consulta



Because security begins at home, TGS offers unparalleled assessment of high value personal protection including evaluation of executive, individual and family security
in-house, office and outdoor platforms.

We aim to provide our clients with recently tested high security innovations tailored for home security. These contemporary innovations will be certified against determined forced entry, as well as ballistic and blast threats.

Our engineered network and consultants will practically cover every area of physical security from sophisticated high tech access control systems to superbly engineered mechanical locking. Our experts take into consideration varied levels of security for different clients from high to normal but capable of meeting UK and US legislative directives and regulations. Our unique and outstanding knowledge of varied market culture in the security and intelligence industry places us at the very high end of home security in this fragile atmosphere of insecurity.

TGS consultants are also prepared to respond to client needs that stretch to the need of a safe house technology, covert CCTV, Tracers, and anti-bug devices from the best manufacturers in the business.