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Wracked by insurgency, northern Nigeria is fighting against the odds to revive its farms and processing plants with the help of major investors.

Shettima Haruna is a farmer in Chibok, the village in north-east Nigeria that Boko Haram militants attacked on 14 April. The insurgents kidnapped more than 250 schoolgirls, prompting the international 'Bring Back Our Girls' campaign to demand their release.

Haruna's daughter was kidnapped that day and is among the more than 100 still missing.

As he desperately awaits the safe return of his daughter, Haruna has to face another side of the crisis: the growing economic destruction in the north as the insurgents have killed, abducted, looted and chased more than half a million people from their homes.

Like many of the men in Chibok and the surrounding villages, Haruna grows maize and beans: the maize for his family and the beans as a cash crop.Usually, the planting season is June to September, when the rains come. But the insurgency has stopped the farmers.

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