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As it prepares to open for serious business at the end of November, 2014, afriLeaks, a whistleblowing organisation that focuses on Africa, claims that its purpose is different from that of Wikileaks. Khadija Sharife and Friedrich Lindenberg, from the African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR), say that afriLeaks only connects whistleblowers to investigative media partners via a secure technology, rather than to the public.

The Africa Report: What is aFriLeaks?
Khadija Sharife and Friedrich Lindenberg: Wikileaks plays a fundamental role disclosing data to the public, including media. afriLeaks provides a highly secure vehicle allowing for whistleblowers to directly connect - either confidentially or anonymously - with media houses or research organisations of their choice. Basically, it's a tool for media and whistleblowers to trigger investigations. 

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