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Uganda People's Defence forces chief, General Katumba Wamala says Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia have lost most of their key strongholds and are now a weakened force.

Katumba, who was addressing a contingent of Ugandan soldiers returning from a peacekeeping mission in Somalia under AMISOM, said Al-Shabaab militants will be pursued wherever they go.

He said against all odds and much pessimism, AMISOM had been able to "stabilise Somalia by driving the Al-Shabaab from several towns and key installations".

"What is on the ground now? We have moved over 220km out of Mogadishu and dealt with the militants in other areas in Somalia," Katumba said.

Mogadishu, the Horn of Africa country's capital, has in recent years witnessed a rebirth after Al-shabab militants were pushed out.

Sanity has returned in most parts of the country, with Mogadishu flourishing with new buildings and businesses.

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