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In love & In War - Britain Engage Daesh in Syria for the love of Paris 13/11.

By David Otto
TGS Counter Terrorism Expert

2nd Dec.2015 11:45pm GMT

After more than 10 hours of live debate, lawmakers in the United Kingdom have today - 2nd Dec. 2015 voted in favour (397 to 223 votes) to extend UK airstrikes into Syria against Daesh- aka ISIL/IS/SIS. The argument for and against the motion has been very tense splitting Tory rebels and labour MPs under the leadership of labour- Jeremy Corbyn and Conservative - David Cameroon. The major contention was whether extending airstrikes - bombing from the air into Syria against ISIL will make an attack on Britain less likely than not.
The votes for the motion to go to war means RAF Fighter jets may begin targeting ISIL interest in Syria as early as tonight. The UK is already a coalition member with the US launching airstrikes in Iraq since August 2014.Just like 9/11 attacks in New York pulled UK to join the US in launching an attack against Afghanistan, then Iraq - the Paris 13/11 attacks have prompted the UK to launch airstrikes in Syria. The aim is that airstrikes against Daesh in Syria, will make the UK much safer than using other humanitarian or political measures.

Looking Back At Iraq:

The votes tonight draws vivid memory of the war on Iraq word for word.

With the dust of 9/11 still unsettled in New York, the Afghanistan regime under the Taliban was brought down by US military might. The US and UK… pointed fingers on Iraq and Saddam as next. The case for the invasion of Iraq was unequivocal, the then US President George Bush and the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed that 9/11 had left the US-UK and the entire universe including vulnerable to attack by Al-Qaida and affiliates or franchise - and that it was in the interest of global peace & security if there was a regime change in Iraq. The super forecasters provided ‘good evidence’ that Iraq and Saddam possessed and had the capability to manufacture WMD. These WMDs could be deployed against the US or western targets within minutes. Tony Blair believed that there was no better option on the table other than intervention with troops in Iraq. His argument was that the effects of 9/11 and Saddam's treatment of his people with his record of using chemical and biological weapons against the Kurdish minorities was so grave that justice and military intervention was the lesser evil than doing nothing. This sounds more like the argument against Assad and ISIL.

The Iraq invasion was and continues not to be a success story for Iraq and the West. Many security analysts and coalition officials who backed the idea including Tony Blair have confessed and acknowledge that it was a huge mistake in the first place. Instead of bringing justice to the enemy or the enemy to justice, as the public was promised, the invasion of Iraq and ousting of Saddam, disbanding of the Baarth party and Saddam’s army has made the world a dangerous place and Iraq a deadly place to live in.
Not that Saddam was a saint or a blessing to the Iraqi people because he was none in my opinion. However as Donald Trump rightly put it, Iraq is now the "Harvard of terrorism" after US invasion and the ousting of Saddam. After the invasion, Iraq's problems are even bigger including what we currently experience with ISIL.

As families of victims of Iraq wait patiently for the outcome of the Chilcot enquiry expected in summer 2016, The justice of knowing who got it wrong, who made the decision and what reliable evidence was used to go to Iraq continues unanswered. No lessons appear to have been learnt.
Today’s decision to launch airstrikes against Syria will not be any different to the Iraq outcome. It will make the world unsafe and the UK- a centre of jihadist attacks. We have just played into the narrative of Daesh by creating more dark enemies and potential militants. If the mistake in invading Iraq played a role to the emergence of ISIL as Tony Blair himself confessed live on CNN, the airstrikes in Syria may make matters even worse and more complex for the peace and security of the UK and the world.

David Otto
TGS Counter Terrorism expert.