TGS Consulta


TGS consultants are licensed to provide state of the art rigorously tested blast and ballistic armoured vehicles for  personal protection, cash and transit vehicles, special purpose vehicles, assault vehicles, and armoured personnel carriers for the military and semi military market. 

Our trusted manufacturers are the largest and undisputed private sector leaders in armoured vehicle technology with a combined facility that could deliver more than 500 vehicles per month anywhere in the world. 

We have carefully chosen our armoured vehicle suppliers based on evidence that they meet a very high manufacturing standard of quality and craftsmanship in the global market. Above all they have an impressive track record of zero casualty on all their armoured vehicles. 

The service we provide to our clientele is of the highest quality. Client safety and satisfaction is our main goal. Our manufacturers are ready to provide our clients with customised armoured vehicles and they can also adapt your existing vehicle to any level of armoury within a reasonable time frame . 

Our vehicles pass the highest test of quality control for complete protection of life and asset. Cash and transit vehicles are equally available for banks and private security companies. Special purpose vehicles , assault vehicles buses , Oil & Gas service vehicles, and recovery vehicles.

We are confident to give the best consultation on armoured personnel carriers for the military and semi military sectors taking into consideration the intended operational terrain. All our vehicles are Certified to international standard and have been tested to withstand ballistic and blast tests, live fire tests, live explosive tests and IED blast tests. TGS provides consultation on ballistic resistance solutions for our clients in need of security and safety in a world of gross uncertainty and increasing insecurity. 

All vehicles are designed to specification and shipped directly to client locations using a direct from source to end user system for convenience and effective communication . Our manufacturers are happy to make sure the option of a live demonstration is available to all clients subject to limited clearance. 

Our experts are on a 24/7 call to respond our clients' needs for armoured vehicle solutions in volatile environments. 

All of our armoured vehicles are internationally recognised and  certified to the highest standards due to a proven cutting edge armouring process and the rigorous testing process they undergo for client confidence and assurance.  Our innovative armoured vehicles are reasonably affordable to all categories of clients all over the world and meet the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

We provide a wide range of armoured vehicles of varied ballistic and blast levels with the added advantage of world class runs flat tires, additional weights brake solutions and innovative suspension system to complement our client safety and peace of mind. This additional components are vital to maintain vehicle control and stability.

Our order processing and quality assurance is simple and convenient with our sales team and consultants always available at any stage of the process. 

Please get in touch with us if you need our expert advice on any of the following:
  • Armoured luxury security vehicles for private use including covert and secure transport
  • Armoured security vehicles for private  and commercial use
  • Armoured cash in transit vehicles for banks and other related special services