TGS Consulta


TGS security and intelligence consultants was established in 2009 by a group of renowned counter-terrorism, law, intelligence and security experts based in the United Kingdom. At TGS we understand that commercial success and a peaceful environment for everyone depend very much on effective risk management by state and non- state actors, especially entities that have direct or indirect interests and operations on the African continent . By utilising intelligence via varied source data, we will roll up our sleeves, stand by you through the risk you face in this atmosphere of increasing global insecurity. We act to mitigate the risk by anticipating threats and vulnerabilities that a public or private body may encounter as a result of the actions of terrorist and criminal organisations operating in the West and in Africa.

What sets TGS intelligence consultants apart is our breadth of diverse industry knowledge, background, expert knowledge in African affairs and our close network both in Africa and Western intelligence and security communities. Working with TGS ensures that our clients are furnished with an open, proactive and effective communication medium which is at the core of our business module and is applied objectively across Europe and Africa. Our success hinges upon our determination, broad spectrum, proactive minds and our ability to utilise a scientific and evidence based approach to our work but without relying on a single source of data. We take pride in the fact that all our carefully selected experts are top in their respectives sectors and are prepared to dig deeper to ensure that only the best and tailor made intelligence and security solutions are proposed and implemented to address the needs of our highly valued clients.