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Radicalisation , extremism and violent extremism/terrorism are on the rise on a global scale. This unique process, ideology and actions are carried out by organised groups, disorganised groups and lone actors in the name of varied ideologies. The internet platform and the increase in social media have provided an open access for terrorist recruitment and propaganda which means any solutions to a contrary view must take the form of a comprehensive approach that targets different trends, patterns, means of radicalisation, local, national, and international level. The fight cannot be left in the hands of security and law enforcement bodies and neither can it be addressed by legislative measures alone.

At TGS our main goal is to address the key issues surrounding the threats posed by radicalisation , home grown terror and more crucially, the big question of why ordinary people become involved in terrorism and other extremist groups in the first place. But more importantly why and how they can exit through our innovative Step In Step Out (SISO) programme.
Our diverse and experienced group of counter radicalisation and intelligence experts are concerned with the dangers ahead as far as radicalisation and terrorism is concerned to the global world. We believe that all measures besides military tactics should be considered to guard against the involvement of vulnerable young men and women joining extremist groups irrespective of their culture , state , region , and continent. We aim to tackle radicalisation and extremism from the grass roots by working in close collaboration with all affected and vulnerable communities and stake holders. Offline and Online radicalisation and violent extremism has no boundary in modern times and no group irrespective of their area of operation should be underestimated. The threats posed by groups like Boko Haram/ISWAP and Alshabaab will in the long run pose more danger to the West like IS/ISIL does.

SISO is a community cohesion arm of TGS dealing with all elements of Prevent from the U.K. counter terrorism 4Ps perspective, tailored to suit local narratives. We aim to continue engaging with frontline staff including but not limited to security service personnels, community leaders, schools and universities, religious networks and their leaders, and all key local stakeholders in the prevention of our young men and women from being radicalised by extremist ideology around the globe by challenging terrorist narratives and recruitment strategy . This will be supported through our strong multi-agency approach to achieve maximum success.This area of our intervention is completely not for profit ; it forms a part of our commitment to give something back to society in a bid to reverse the growing trend of extremist radicalisation and thereby create a long term generational legacy of a more tolerant society.

These tailored Radicalisation and Disengagement programmes are suited for individuals and groups alike. The programmes are recommended for ;
-Schools and Universities
-Places of Worship and interfaith organisations
-Prison and Rehabilitation environment
-Security Service personnel and managers
-Civil society organisations and NGOs
-Traditional and community leaders

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