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TGS understands that terrorism can only be fully eradicated from its source /roots. In view of this understanding, terrorist attacks can mostly be prevented if we address and stop radicalisation and recruitment in the first place. Although the term radicalisation is understood to be a complex phenomenon and generally not confined to one faith, religion or political ideology. In general observation embracing any form of radical or extremist ideology is a major push factor in engaging in acts of violent extremism and terrorism.

Our experts who cover a broad background with years of proven experience are fully committed to working day and night with multi-level NGOs, private and government bodies to reverse the increasing levels of engagement and radicalisation of individuals (particularly the young and vulnerable) into extremist and terrorist groups around the globe . We focus our resources primarily on strategies that will highlight answers to the question of why people become involved in extremist and terrorist groups, what factors facilitate and hinder their involvement and the available exit opportunities and counter narratives.

TGS experts understand that the failure of imagination rather than the failure of intelligence accounts for the level of success that current disengagement and deradicalisation programs have achieved so far. Our unique focus will exploit all the pitfalls of current programs that have yielded varied degrees of success in the US, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Israel , Germany and United Kingdom. Furthermore, TGS proposed solutions are multi-faceted but tailored according to individuals, region, state and boundary variables. We acknowledge that the reasons why people join and leave terrorist and extremist groups are hugely varied and therefore our tailored solutions are designed to address those unique group and individual elements.

Our tailored solutions will reflect the Criminal justice system in any chosen location and geared towards the respect of fundamental human rights, societal integration, cultural dialogue and fighting discrimination at all levels. Upon completion of a critical assessment of the system in place and matching the results with the individual, or group in question, our experts will make proposals on all or selected options to focus on. The main goal and focus of our tailored disengagement and deradicalisation programs will be to address and respond to the increasing number of innocent and ignorant young people in the West and Africa who have become victims of violent extremism and terrorism . Our carefully tailored programs will;

  1. Hinder the enabling environment or activities of individuals and networks that attract people into terrorism.
  2. Promote mainstream opinion of tolerance over extremist ideologies.
  3. Sensitise and promote a culture of security awareness, equal justice, democracy and equal opportunity.

TGS Optional packages may include but will generally or specifically not be limited to addressing;

Our vision reflects :

Individuals , Family and Multi-Agency Approach
All but a few of our programmes will be closely tailored to work within a multi-agency environment in line with effective Criminal Justice Systems. We approach different countries and we take their respective cultures into detailed consideration. Our experts will thereupon propose and implement unique strategies of disengagement and deradicalization programs that will significantly increase the number of young people that will not engage in terrorism and those that will chose to exit such extremist groups. Not only will TGS intelligent consultants bring your youths back home, we will also strive to make them more productive members of society. Our vision and aim is to cut down the main artery of a terrorist organisation's ability to sustain and survive in Africa, the West and rest of the world in general.

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