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TGS security and intelligence experts understand the increasing level of threats emanating from terrorism and criminal activities. We also take into account the duty of care owed to the general public by the state, building owners and facility managers in securing buildings, strategic sites, and public areas. TGS product performance and reliability is the key to sustainable strategic approach in perimeter protection solutions. Our experienced consultants, risk analyst, security master planners and trusted manufacturers will provide stakeholders with the best innovative integrated perimeter fencing solutions that will be specific to their needs anywhere in the world. 

We are proud to say that our bespoke, dynamic, wide and detailed solutions packages will fully address a range of options that will not only be capable of reconfiguring but also adapted to any archaic systems of concrete walls, barbed wired fencing and cast iron railings. We have the unique ability to offer a range of proven unrivalled protection measures with our carefully selected supply and partner organisations which put TGS in the lead for providing reliable and cost effective perimeter fencing solutions. TGS endorsed integrated packages are tested to British and European standards and tailored to function perfectly in harsh conditions around the globe. Our innovative and trusted experts will always be at hand to provide solutions beginning with the process of specification, manufacturing and installation for protecting various type of premises. 

We are on call anywhere in Africa to provide the best solutions for;

  • Porous Borders
  • Government /military sites
  • Utilities 
  • Industrial
  • Corrections 
  • Transportation 
  • VIP Protection 
  • Major events 
  • Commercial centres 
  • Education facilities
  • Places of worship 

‚ÄčAll of our proposed solutions will be capable of addressing large and intelligent perimeter applications that eliminate creep zones but ensure maximum tamper protection and unrivalled detection rates.

Hostile vehicle mitigation defence solutions against IEDs with the implementation of a varied choice of counter terror blocks.

State- of- the- art multi layered protection systems with the option of a remote monitoring system that can protect the inner and outer perimeter of a site. 

Integrated, smart and high performance CCTV solutions specifically designed for intelligent surveillance purpose.

With our trusted team of experienced engineers with the highest success rate of industry leading technical and after care support, TGS will continuously meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



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