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Maritime piracy and other threats to maritime security are some of the most common factors disturbing the natural flow of commerce in Africa with potentially serious consequences when attack is not prevented or successfully fended off. The current security systems used in the maritime industry are often archaic, generic and generally not fit for purpose. They are therefore not good enough to win the battle against socio-economic and political issues that give rise to terrorist and criminal activities which typically originate onshore and are carried out offshore.

At TGS, our Maritime experts aim to provide innovative solutions to current threats with the vision of creating safer environments for global trade as relates to maritime industries, whether private, commercial or inter-governmental activities. We understand the importance of safety not only for commercial purposes but also for private vessels, hence why we only team up with trusted manufacturers who are able to tailor their maritime security products according to your needs and our recommendations.

​We take an individual approach to every client in combination with a strong knowledge of the African coast to suggest the most effective management  and security strategy for diminishing possible threats and helping you move forward and carry out your business in a peaceful manner. Some of our key solutions to tackling global maritime security problems cut across all sectors, ranging from private to public sector interests and assets protection.

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