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In the fight against global terrorism, TGS experts will implement a tailored Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST) based on the Western model but adaptable to the unique characteristic nature of terrorism in Africa particularly in Sub Saharan Africa and the Sahel region . TGS Tailored and innovative solutions incorporate all four areas of;

- Prevent
- Protect
- Pursue
- Prepare

In addition to the existing models, TGS has developed a new and unique model - Project. The Projection element further enhances the current strategy. The experience of events such as 9/11, 7/7, the Boko Haram attacks in Baga, and the Mumbai bombings has revealed or highlighted the need for the ability of Projection and wild imagination by relevant stakeholders to be included in CONTEST. In the current climate of global insecurity, security experts must project and imagine the worst case scenario in order to maximise the success rate of the existing CONTEST model. However at all stages during the execution of the Project strategy, the principle of proportionality must be applied to avoid over reaction .

TGS will develop and manage intelligence sharing plan to serve as a blue print for security and law enforcement administrators to follow when enhancing or building an intelligence system and the sharing of information between systems in Africa and the West.

Our consultants will utilise local knowledge and open source data to provide a detailed insight and analysis on geopolitical risk, organised crime, strategic threats and conventional to asymmetric capabilities. ​TGS will employ its model of realistic threat scenarios and create mitigation and prevention plans by unbiased verification of internal intelligence and enhance reports with attributable open source data to local contacts. We will facilitate efficient information correlation and analysis through ethical means to ensure easy sharing of information within and across corporate and law enforcement agencies to enhance timely response and investigation.

Our experts will advise African & Western public and private organisations on the best intelligence resources needed by policy makers and corporate bodies to enhance the best standard of security which will identify and counter current and potential threat. This will be achieved through inter- agency network collaboration in the planning, direction, collection and collation, analysis and production and dissemination of intelligence.

We have a reliable and efficient network of foreign experts with local knowledge who possess the ability to rapidly and accurately anticipate and adapt to complex challenges in achieving lasting strategic advantage over uncertainties, system risk and less predictable future due to the continued march towards globalisation, the growing number of independent actors, and increased global connectivity from advancing technology.

TGS stands ready with our well designed curriculum and explosive experts, to analyse any public or private organisation’s counter terrorism needs by providing specific training to suit particular threats. We perpetuate in the study, develop and refine effective counter terrorism techniques. We equally provide training programmes specifically for private security companies and other agencies outside the operational realm of conventional policing to combat any threat to large public gatherings such as sporting, entertainment and political events.

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