TGS Consulta



The nature of diplomatic foreign relations is such that nations are bound to have state representatives on other countries' homeland. This comes with an enormous amount of benefits for all parties, but in certain circumstances, can pose a huge degree of risk to diplomats and their assets. We provide the most robust levels of diplomatic protection, using human intelligence, security soft and hardware amongst other means. As intelligence consultants, we follow a multi-agency and quick response approach - delivering the most up to date consultation and assistance. We have excellent local knowledge of the African terrains in which some of our key operations are focused.  

We deal with all of our clients on an individual basis and adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality. Our consultation packages are bespoke and tailor designed for our clients; therefore only assessable and operated by each specific client.

Our packages carry an ongoing maintenance structure as part of the contract, which means that we are always available when needed.