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There has been a recent increase in the potential of terrorist attacks that will severely affect the world’s critical infrastructure. Such attacks could be carried out in different shapes and forms. An electricity power cut as a result of a successful attack on the control systems of a critical infrastructure may seriously damage other industry sectors because of the synergistic effect on infrastructure industry on one another.

Africa is a hot bed of natural resources and a power house attraction for multinational oil and gas industries. Incidents involving pipeline network breaches within these industries together with vulnerability to personnel have become very common. Sabotage, theft of crude oil, bunkering, fraud, extortion and accidents are some of the major concerns of stakeholders around the globe but more so in West and Central Africa. TGS consultants will provide effective initial and follow up investigations covering an extensive area onshore and offshore. Our priority is to secure against unwarranted disruptions which may severely affect the health, safety, security and/or economic well-being of citizens.
Our focus is generally on Hard and Soft target that attract potential terrorist, terrorist and criminal gangs alike.

Our experts are on hand to discuss your concern in any of the following areas:
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Government buildings
  • Banks 
  • Schools/ colleges/ universities
  • Places of worship
  • Hotels 
  • Shopping Centres
  • Other public places


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