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It is common knowledge that the criminal justice systems in most African nations have a huge degree of lapses and inconsistencies. In recent years there have been a number of high profile human rights violation cases that have led to the involvement of some concerned human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. At TGS we have devised practical methods aimed at reforming dysfunctional legal systems.
The issue of “jungle justice” by local vigilante groups, and surprising also by law enforcement personnel must be adequately addressed if the youths are to build and develop a culture of lasting trust in the relevant authorities. Activities involving extrajudicial executions and unlawful torture must stop and due process and the rule of law followed within the criminal justice system. Also the issue of impunity is increasingly becoming a major hindrance to the proper application of the rule of law, as certain groups of people or individuals believe that they posses the “divine right” to break the law and get away unpunished.
A person who is suspected of committing a crime must be charged under the appropriate circumstances if necessary, fairly tried and if found guilty, sentenced. If the individual is not found guilty, he/she should be completely set free. Where a person is placed under a custodial sentence, he/she must only serve the length of time for which he/she was sentenced. One must at every point during the process, be focused on the aims and principles of corrective justice; that the criminal comes out of incarceration a totally reformed person and is duly reintegrated back into civil society.
There should also be an effective probation period designed to monitor the person’s reformation and life after release from prison. The individual must be aware however, that reoffending shall inevitable lead to a fresh trial and imprisonment if necessary – based on the principle of the revolving door.  
At TGS we have a set of structured training packages and guidelines to address all legal shortcomings. We also have packages that are tailored to deal with all areas of the criminal justice system in conformity to the constitution or legal system of the host state.